Thursday, July 08, 2010

Nokia takes irony to new heights

Nokia's publicity about "Conspiracy for Good", what appears to be some sort of immersive game around the theme of anti-globalisation protests, surely takes irony to a new level. The website seems to encourage people to play at being protesters, inviting them to take part in disrupting the activities of a fictional multinational corporation, and even to hack into its IT systems. Videos on the site deliberately blur the boundary between reality and game, implying that the game activity itself might actually become part of a 'conspiracy for good'. But Nokia really is a multinational this so ironic that I don't get it? Or is Nokia making a corporate idiot of itself? I wish I knew.

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Ori Pomerantz said...

Maybe they're being ironic - making fun of anti-globalism.

Although cluelessness in PR departments is well known. You don't have to have Icelandic room temperature IQ for PR, but it seems to help.