Sunday, December 13, 2015

Review of 'Still Alice"

I watched this on our TV, via Chromecast and Netflix. It's a very well made film, but I found it really upsetting. It's about a case of early onset Alzheimer's in an intelligent, ambitious, driven 50-year old woman academic. Seeing her too-rapid degeneration, of which she is only too aware, is very painful to watch. Julianne Moore plays the part very well. The confusion, the repetition - especially of questions - reminded me of my dad's degeneration, and reminded me too that I was not as kind as I should have been. The film depicts the impact on the family too, who all try to do their best but also want to get on with their own lives, even as Alice realizes that her life as the person she is, is coming to an end. Unbearable.

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Shipra said...

I too found it quite upsetting, though I don't have any personal experience related to the disease. Just the tragedy and experience of the degeneration of such a sharp mind. Found it sad how the husband couldn't bear to see it and practically ran away and the youngest daughter who Alice never actually supported then supported her.