Thursday, October 05, 2017

Review of 'Paterson'

A strong candidate for the most boring film I have ever seen. Very little happens. There are few 'quirky' touches but mainly it's just everyday life, work, breakfast, walking the not-very-nice dog. Everybody in the film is quite nice, from girlfriend who imagines herself to be talented and turns out to be quite talented, and co-workers, and guys down at the bar...

The central character is a bus-driver poet, quirkily called Paterson which is the same name as the town. We see him writing some poems, all of which seemed so awful to me that I thought his lack of talent was the point of the film...but it wasn't, they are actual poems written by an actual poet. The one good poem in the film, attributed to a little girl that the bus driver meets, was actually written by director Jim Jarmusch.

Watched at Landsdown film club in Stroud.

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Unknown said...

I thought it was great. It was an evocation of love as pure as I've seen. The poems were not good, nor were his wife/girlfriend's aspirations (sorry, it's a year since I saw it) but that was part of the point. These were people, marginalised, left behind in life, but still made a difference. We must agree to disagree yet again.