Monday, April 02, 2018

Review of 'Roxanne, Roxanne'

A film about a young Black woman - 16-ish - in Queensbridge NYC who is a rapper and somewhat unexpectedly becomes a hip hop star. It was engaging, but I wasn't sure whether to like it or not; lots of stereotypes about useless, feckless Black men, drugs and the rap scene, trashy jewellery, etc. It was sympathetic to the Black women characters (only two white characters, and minor ones at that - in the whole film - shocking for British people that life in an apparently non-segregated city can be so segregated), but still depicted them in a way that Steve Bannon might have approved - shoplifting, skipping school, drinking to forget their troubles rather than addressing them, ripping each other off...

Watched on Netflix via Chromecast.

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