Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Review of 'Indignation' (Spoiler Alert)

The official theatrical release poster
Another not-so-great film on Netflix. Young Jewish guy in 1950s America goes from New York to a conservative college in Ohio, partly to avoid being drafted to fight in Korea. His parents are over-protective, he's a socialist and atheist who must dodge the two Jewish room-mates the college has assigned him to and the Jewish fraternity that seeks to recruit him. He attracts the attentions of a beautiful but troubled wasp and posh female student, who sucks him off in his room-mates borrowed car.

It's a bit "Portnoy's Complaint" (well, it's based on novel by Philip Roth), a bit American Graffiti, and a bit something more serious...but it's also a bit boring and a bit too pleased with itself. Bits of the plot don't really make sense or seem implausible. Some of the cinematography also seems odd, the more so because most of it is so conventional.

Watched on Netflix via Chromecast...in two halves, several days apart.

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