Saturday, March 09, 2019

Review of 'The Aftermath'

A romantic drama set in Hamburg and environs immediately after the end of the war, amidst ruins and some diehard Nazi resistance to the British occupation forces. Surprisingly good, especially in the light of the bad reviews, and the fact that the female lead is Keira Knightley - though she is good in this, because her rather wooden style suits the emotionally constricted character she is playing.

Watching it I felt once again that the trauma of what British people suffered in WW2 has been largely unacknowedged, compared to what is understood to have happened to other Europeans in that war, or even the British in WW1. I'm thinking particularly of the civilians who survived the bombing - nowadays anyone who gets their phone stolen is offered counselling (at least I was a few years ago), but those who went through every night not knowing if they would survive were expected to pick themselves up and get on with it, during the war and afterwards.

Also struck by what a good job the Allies made of re-making Germany, compared to what a bad job they made of re-making Iraq. Has anyone written about this?

Watched at the Everyman Cinema - once again offering free cocktails. This is obviously the future of the cinema experience.

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