Friday, May 17, 2019

Review of Lucky

Slow film about an old guy in a small town in Arizona (I think) contemplating the closing stages of his life. He is remarkably well and mentally fit, though he smokes and drinks and lives alone. His life is pared down to the bare essentials, but he is content and positive about it all. He's never had a family, but he has his buddies and seems on good terms with lots of others in his community. He has no expectations of an afterlife or religious sentiments of any kind; there are a lot of shots of him walking around the fairly bleak little town, and in one of them he walks past a church...that's it, the only appearance of anything church-related in the film.

It's described as heart-warming and uplifting, and I can see why someone might think that, but my heart wasn't that much warmed or my spirit that much uplifted. If you've got to grow old and die alone, then this is a great depiction of the best way to do it, but I'm not sure that I want to think too much about the possibility that I will.

Watched at the Lansdown Film Club.

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