Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Review of 'The Princess Bride'

Watched again after a long break, and having read the book in the meantime. A fun film, a fairy-tale with its tongue in its cheek. Some good jokes, lots of enjoyable dialogue, quite nice to look at. Fun too to spot the actors – Mel Smith, Peter Cook, Billy Crystal…

For the record the mechanics of watching were interesting and complex. We watched this on the screen via the projector in the Middle Floor at Springhill Cohousing. We started watching on a laptop connected to the projector, using a copy obtained via informal distribution. The visuals started to stutter so we switched to watching a DVD on the built-in player of the projector. But that gave up half-way through – apparently it does often. So we switched to a VHS cassette (poor reproduction, and no sound) and then to another DVD player that was also connected to the projector. Ho hum.

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