Monday, January 29, 2018

Review of 'The Good Night'

Felt a bit like a wasted opportunity - all-star cast, including Gwyneth Paltro, Penelope Cruz, Martin Freeman, Danny De Vito, Michael Gambon, Simon Pegg...but it's a film about dreaming, which film people seem to like (maybe it removes the necessity for their narratives to be consistent or to maintain proper continuity), though for everybody else there is nothing more boring than other people's dreams.

I sort of felt that there was something there that could have been developed in a better way - the artist coming to terms with not being great or successful, the relationship with a friend who is more successful, a fantasy about a woman who appears inaccessible because she only appears in dreams. It's really quite sad - the relationship that the artist has with his girlfriend is over but they both pretend it isn't, the dreamed-of woman turns out to be someone from a poster that is on the side of every bus (that is, not someone unique from his personal unconscious).

Watched via clever TV and Netflix...another not very good film from Netflix. Must get round to cancelling it.

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