Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Review of 'Blockbuster'

There are quirky French films, and there is this. A guy is making short videos for his Dad who is dying from cancer, and he's making them about the development of his relationship with a young woman who he more or less picked up at random in order to make the films. Only, she finds out and then he realizes that he has come to love her and wants to get back with her. Lots of nice touches, including the really cool young woman who is the flatmate, and cameo roles by French actors and director Michel Gondry, the grand master of quirky French films (the woman has a thing for him).

I think it's very French that I only discovered at the end that the young man and his brother, and his Dad (who we see dying in the hospital) are Jewish. It's so understated that most people won't even notice - whereas in an American or British film, a character can't be Jewish unless that's a really important thing about them. (OK, George in 'Being Human' is an exception.)

Watched on Netflix...almost makes me not want to cancel it after all. Almost.

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