Friday, March 02, 2018

The Today Programme today

Having spent the early part of the day shouting at the radio, I can at least share some of the grumpiness with you.

Great to see how the government's decision to cancel the second stage of the Leveson Inquiry was not worth commenting on the following day...when the BBC wants to it keeps a story going by covering 'reactions' and 'comments', and when it doesn't...well, it reported on it once and that's enough. So no news about how the victims of press corruption and intrusion feel about this decision, or reaction by campaigning groups, like this statement by Hacked Off: "This is probably the first time that a Government has overruled the views of the judicial Chair of a statutory Inquiry by cancelling an inquiry against his will."

Oh, and the panel for Any Questions tonight: Barry Gardiner MP, Anna Soubry MP, Fraser Nelson and Brendan O'Neill. Two right wing journalists, a europhile Tory, and Barry Gardiner representing everything to the left of that (look him, especially the China connection).

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