Monday, November 23, 2015

Review of 'The Lady in the Van'

Perfectly crafted British 'character' film, based on Alan Bennett's play. Watched on a big screen at the Vue cinema in Stroud, though it wouldn't have suffered much from being seen on TV.

The acting is great, the script very well written...sometimes the filming is a bit slow, but really it's a gem. Very poignant, brings up a lot of stuff about ageing, treatment of the mentally ill, the meagre 'comforts' offered by organised religion...just great.

It would be interesting to know whether non-British people could possibly enjoy this.

Small personal note - after my Dad closed his shop and went into semi-retirement he started doing locum work at an optical practice in Parkway, Camden Town. Alan Bennett was one of the customers, and Dad adjusted his glasses and I think made him a new pair. Dad was full of praise for what a nice man AB was.

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