Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review of 'A Woman in Winter'

Watched on an old-fashioned DVD borrowed from the library. I was tempted to give this up after about fifteen minutes, because it seemed so pretentious (and confusing). But I'm glad I stayed with it. It's moody and atmospheric, and creepy without any stupid horror themes. There is a suspicion - unsubstantiated - that the main character is losing his mind, but this is not done in a heavy-handed or crass way. There are lots of time-travel themes, but again they aren't over-explained. The dialogue is not particularly good, but I liked the filming and the locations. I'm not any sort of scientist, but I thought the depictions of scientists and their squabbles was pretty good too.

Time well spent, and I'd recommend this one.

Small note about presentation: the cover shows the crests of the prizes for which it was nominated; it didn't actually win any prizes. That feels a bit of a cheat.

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