Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Review of "Even When I Fall"

Film about children trafficked from Nepal to Indian circuses - a big thing, it turns out, mainly sold by their parents in the belief that they are doing the right thing. The early part of the film is quite confusing; the children are 'rescued' by Indian social workers/NGO staff (it wasn't clear to me which) and police, and returned to Nepal to be re-united with their families. The families mainly say that they've regretted selling their children south ever since, though I couldn't help feeling that's what they would say to a documentarist's camera.

After that the film takes off as the kids - who miss their circus life - establish their own Nepalese circus with a purpose, to provide a role for the formerly-trafficked and to make anti-trafficking propaganda. The children themselves, and the young adults they grow into during the course of the film, and very beautiful, and so are the shots of them doing their acts.

Watched from Amazon Prime via laptop and new projector in the Common House at Springhill Cohousing.

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