Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Review of 'Io'

Bleak and sometimes beautiful dystopian film, set on an earth which has become inhospitable to life as a result of some unexplained change in the atmosphere...and from which most humans have departed to a space station in orbit round Jupiter's moon IO as part of an 'exodus' programme.

Lots of it looks like 'Life After People' - ruined cities overtaken by plants, and so on. The action centres round whether a surviving young woman scientist, and a slightly older man who arrives by Helium balloon, should leave Earth on the last rocket shuttle or stay behind - she's the daughter of a scientist who advised that Earth could be made habitable again.

So there's not actually much action at all - some talking, a lot of silences, and some dream and memory sequences. It does drag a bit in places, and I did have the odd little doze without apparently missing much. It's quite effective, although I would have preferred it if the disaster that has happened was related to the one that we are actually facing - runaway climate change.

Watched on Netflix - another Netflix Original.

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