Sunday, January 13, 2019

Review of 'The Favourite'

Well that's what period drama ought to be like! Not obsessed with historical accuracy - the dance scene was hilarious - but fabulous to look at...great sets, super costumes, and wonderful cinematography; I don't remember the last time I saw montage used like that.

Also really good acting, and a great script. Really enjoyable to see a film with three strong women leads - not at all obvious who was the 'star' and who the 'supporting actress'. I loved all three of them, and didn't notice a trace of a wrong accent in Emma Stone's performance.

The certification at the beginning said 'Very Strong Language and Strong Sex', but this mainly boils down to the repeated use of the word 'Cunt', a few light lesbian scenes, and a jerk-off scene more or less off camera.

Watched at the Vue Cinema in Stroud.

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