Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Review of 'Battle'

A Norwegian film that's basically about social class, as viewed through the prism of youth culture and dancing. Amalie comes from a wealthy background and goes to a good school where she does some sort of modern expressive dancing with her well-heeled and smug school-friends - they hang out at each others' swimming pools, go sailing together, practice dancing in each others' home dance gyms. But then Amalie's dad falls foul of some bailiffs and debt collectors, because his business is broke. Their house is taken away, and they are moved into a flat in a bad neighborhood. Actually the flat looks pretty great apart from a spot of mold on one wall, but this is Norway so the standards are different.

Amalie needs to practice her dancing but - oh misery - the new flat doesn't have wooden floors! So she find the local youth centre which has a studio, but is occupied by brownish people who do hip-hop and street dance. And soon she's fallen in with them as part of her new life, but she's still trying to live the old life in parallel without letting her friends (and her old posh boyfriend) know about the hard times she's fallen on and about the new life.

So that sort of film, made more interesting by the fact that it's in Social-Democratic, egalitarian Norway.

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