Thursday, December 13, 2018

Review of 'The Wedding Plan'

A fairly dull Israeli film about an Orthodox woman who has waited eleven years to get married but has never found anyone who wants to marry her. It's not entirely clear why. She's not unattractive, and she has a nice sense of humour. But it never quite works out, and then she has a definite proposal and is booking the wedding hall when the fiance confesses that he doesn't love her. But she decides not to cancel the hall, in the belief that someone will turn up.

It's mainly boring, and not interesting to look at. The settings are dreary, not much happens, we don't get any insight into her or any other characters. There's quite a lot of music in it, but it mainly stinks. There's an implausible happy ending, made slightly more plausible by the way that some other plot elements don't seem to make much sense either - what happens to the handsome singer who wants to marry her at one point? He just walks out of the film.

Watched at Redbridge Jewish Community Centre via its Israeli film club.

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